At Round Robin we are enthusiastic about Real Estate. We grew up with it, we knew its best and most critical moments, and that is precisely why we want it to evolve, to professionalise its management, improving transparency and, above all, leading its digital transformation.

What do we do?

We specialise in the acquisition, refurbishment, and management of granular residential properties for rent in the main cities of Spain and Portugal.

We are experts in purchasing real estate through auctions. In fact, this activity responds perfectly to our corporate purpose, a sector with a high profitability potential and in which we are working to move forward in its professionalisation, digitalisation and transparency.

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What is our goal?

We want Real Estate to take the place it deserves, and we are working to provide the greatest value to investors, professionals in the sector, our tenants and society as a whole:


Providing a high profitability model through rental and asset turnover. Reducing risk as the assets are in cities with high demand and a consolidated market.

Professionals of the sector

Providing transparency through the publication of regular reports.

Our tenants

We provide fully renovated homes that meet the sustainability and energy efficiency requirements, with professional management of the entire rental process.


Bringing back to the market rental housing in some of the most stressed areas of Spain and Portugal.


At Round Robin we have developed in-house BIDMAP2, an underwriting system for the search, analysis, and purchase of the best properties. BIDMAP2 provides us with a unique strategic advantage as it allows us to identify in real time all existing auctions and cross-reference them with our demanding investment criteria.

In addition, thanks to Big Data, we include the automatic valuation of assets, their geolocation, and the automation of the auction management part of the process.

Our team

When we say we are enthusiastic about real estate, it is because we know it like no one else. Our management team has over 25 years of experience in the development, acquisition, rental, and sale of more than 10,400 homes.

Julián Labarra

Senior Advisor

Senior independent advisor, with broad experience in capital raising transactions for developers (via equity or debt), and in establishing JV with international investors and sale of real estate companies.

Jesús Álvarez


Round Robin CEO for more than five years, a leading company in the acquisition, refurbishment, and management of granular residential properties for rent in the main cities of Spain and Portugal. He is also a partner and co-founder of A Plus Abogados y Economistas S.L.P.

Guillermo García-Mauriño


Over 25 years of experience in the sector. Committed to the sector’s development through professionalisation, transparency and digital transformation. Professor of Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Urban Law Magazine.

Joaquín Ventero


Over 20 years of experience in the sector. Specialist in Legal and Financial advice to companies. Management, Strategy and Business administration. BUSINESS APPRAISALS. Corporate Finance. Financial modelling and analysis. Entrepreneurship.



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